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Bundle up with Wendy Beth

As you already know, overcoming obstacles like loneliness, feeling depleted, self-harm, and creating a joy-filled life is not a single event! It takes time, practice, and

loving support! That is why I created these packages just for you!

They offer meaningful moments with me, Wendy Beth,
brainstorming, creating, and celebrating YOU
moving toward
your dream! Let's get started today! 

Client Testimonial 

What issues did you have before you began working with Wendy Beth?

I was coping with a lot of stress from

fractured and recently dissolved

relationships, trying to keep healthy

boundaries for myself. 

Why did you choose Wendy Beth specifically to help you?

Wendy Beth has put in the time and energy to learn how to communicate positively with those around her.  She also shared similar life experiences, and I knew she would understand what I was going through because she had already been through it.


Also, Wendy Beth has a very gentle, soothing energy that calms the soul.  She is that motherly voice that so many of us need when our own mothers are not treating us the way we would like to be treated.  She fills a void for me in my life personally. 

What made you trust Wendy Beth?

There are a lot of self-proclaimed coaches out there, but I know Wendy Beth has invested in gaining a real education from a real university.  This, complemented by her spiritual work, was the perfect balance for me, so I knew I could trust her and would get sound advice and not someone trying to tell me their own opinions. 

What results did you get from working with Wendy Beth?

It has freed up my mental space and helped me be less emotional about some difficult relationships.  This has directly improved my confidence and energy levels knowing I am doing the right thing for me, right now. 

Would you recommend Wendy Beth to someone looking for support?

100%. Working with Wendy Beth is like Like Chicken Soup for the Soul with a bonus of freshly baked homemade cookies, she makes you feel like you are the center of the world when she is with you, and everything will be fine. She actually gives advice, feedback, and exercises to help you improve in each session.



Choose your pricing plan

  • Best Value

    Full Flight

    'Flight': A Great Way To Try New Things💫
    • Live From WHO You Are.
    • Follow Your GPS
    • Nurture Your BIO
    • Be True
    • Choose Love
  • One Week Intensive

    Immediate Impact - leads you out of crisis and into safety, crafting the life you want.
    Valid for one week
    • 8 sessions in 1 week
    • A 90 mins session
    • A 60 mins session
    • Six 15 mins check-ins
  • Create Your Living Blueprint

    Create Your Living Blueprint with structure and support.
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • Six sessions
    • Hands-on guidance for all 40 activities of Living Blueprint
    • A one time investment that will change your life
    • Customized approach to meet your unique needs
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