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What is a Living Blueprint?
& What are People Saying...


A Living Blueprint is a navigational tool that we both discover and design from the truth of WHO we are in order to create a life of meaning and purpose. 

Your Living Blueprint will take you out of crisis and navigate between things you are unable to alter and everything else within your control.

The five principles of a Living Blueprint create equanimity and mental calmness in your mind and your life regardless of your past relationships, age, race, gender, socioeconomic status, culture, or religion. 


An actualized Living Blueprint eliminates hate towards oneself and others and brings light and love into every right now.  

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A True Story


book reviews

"The gut-wrenching life journey of Wendy Beth reminds us of the importance of seeing the soul within each person without placing artificial labels.  Her courageous triumph is a testament to human resiliency. The book also surfaces the discussion of gender fluidity versus gender dichotomy, as different societies see it differently. It is my hope that folks will find it in them to engage with an open heart by taking the message in this book to build a more inclusive world for all our children. Nothing is more important than love, understanding, and compassion. Nothing!

~ Dr. Kashturi Henry PhD, CTP, Six Sigma Black Belt Founder & CEO, Kas Henry Inc. & Ennobled for Success Institute

"I read the entire book in one sitting. I could not stop -  what a life lived. Wendy Beth’s story had me more hooked than all the reality TV shows, yet filled with such beautiful insights and special reminders. Loved that she was able to blend taboo topics…mention events that most keep quiet in family situations…with honesty and pure authenticity…but the ending... I'm still getting choked up. What a great ending. So beautiful."

~ Michael Scott, Commercial Photographer USA

"I love your story, and I'm captivated. When you asked me to read, you didn't know that these last couple of years were the hardest in my life. You didn't know that about eighteen months ago, I tried to take my own life. Thank you, with all my heart, for sharing your story. It's been healing already. Your story is unimpeachable."

~Beta Reader #3

Wendy Beth eloquently describes her journey with such intimacy that you not only feel it as your own but also realize that it is possible for us to learn to coexist with pain. By reaching out in faith, we can accept our human experience, fostering connection, a sense of belonging…Her "Blueprint" delves into your deepest feelings, helping you see your story as a whole, creating a "Visual map" to observe and learn from the thoughts and feelings buried deep within our hearts. This book is both refreshing and compelling to read!"

~ Maria Jose, Santiago, Chili

This book is worth the read. It is well written with a clearly laid-out path for the reader to follow to create a better life for themselves. The exercises are well explained, and although the work can be a little daunting, Wendy Beth makes it clear it can be attained if you follow her steps.

~ Madison Frederick #1 International best-selling author 

Living Blueprint is viable proof that a person can triumph over unfathomable tragedy with a rare fortitude and character that truly is authentic.  The raw honesty was at first a frightening and frustrating experience but necessary for me to understand the depth of human frailty and pain that so often leads to overwhelming despair. Wendy Beth and the Living Blueprint can help you emerge from a life of exhaustive pain, anxiety, and fear with no foreseeable future to a life of genuine joy, freedom, and contentment.  She is a brave, wise, and gentle warrior with the courage to bare all for the enrichment of others.  Cheers to Wendy Beth (and Spencer) for their naked vulnerability.

~ Gary Little

"My favorite part of the ‘Living Blueprint’ journey has been discovering new tools I can use for self-care and achieving my absolute BEST. The "Three Words" have been very powerful. It's only been a week since I discovered them, but I am connecting my thoughts, feelings, and decisions to my three words in one week. It's incredible. I have a new weapon to use against my demons."

~ Beta Reader #2

Wow, what a powerful gift Wendy has given readers! Her vulnerability and willingness to expose and share some of the deepest, most personal parts of her incredibly sacred journey allows her to be very relatable to those wading through the messier parts of life. Lessons learned are shared from experiences, providing tools and principles readers can apply to their lives, inviting change and a way out of suffering. Thank you, Wendy, for bringing light and hope where despair and darkness has been living for far too long! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story!

~ Joan Wife, Mother, Grandma, RN

From the very first page, I immediately felt a sense of nurturing that I, like many, have been missing so much in this life. This boosts a belief and sense that you, too, can improve your life in magnificent ways. I know I will draw from the Living Blueprint and keep it part of my life moving forward. It warms the heart, mind and soul and is everything I never knew I needed to make a profound impact for change. 

~ Stephanie

Wendy Beth, my soulmate, is the best person I have ever known. I have never seen her do one evil thing, and cannot even imagine her contemplating doing so.  Losing her was the biggest regret of my life - her forgiveness and our second chance is my biggest blessing. 

Living Blueprint includes her raw and vulnerable story of how she transformed her life from unbelievable pain to incredible happiness.  Her authenticity can be uncomfortable, but ultimately is a guide to a dreamlike life. I can say this with confidence as we are on this journey together.

~ Spencer Cozzens (President, IA3 Consulting)

Living Blueprint is not only a beautiful read, it is an invitation to take the journey inward and connect with one’s values and truth. Wendy Beth’s personal story, along with the exercises and reflection questions, reminded me that I am never alone on this journey. This book is for anyone who needs to be reminded that while we all are infinitely unique and our life journey is infinitely unique, we are all connected and on this journey together. 

~ Jessica  Creative and Student

"From day one of the forty-day journey . . . pinpointing who I am and what makes me who I am has been a blessing going through the Living Blueprint process . . . it's almost like God had a hand in you choosing me to be part of this journey."

~ Daniel ~ Father 

In our very young years growing up, we can't control what is brought to us; however, once we grow up, that's where our self-control comes into play to do something different and learn from what was put on us. Wendy Beth’s story is a beautiful awakening of her authentic spirit. This story will help people gain their own strength and resolve so that they too can live a life that was meant for them, uncovering their own strengths so that they too can do it freely without having their pasts destroy their present or future.

~ Steven Zeiger
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