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PGS ~ Learn Personal Guidance System

Are you lost, confused, or like you are spinning your wheels?

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 152 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Feeling lost, not sure where you are going? Or how are you going to get there? Your Personal Guidance System (PGS) is like the GPS of your car. It’s your software stored in the memory of your mind, body, heart and soul. The conscious and unconscious beliefs, values, and attitudes drive your behaviors and ultimately create your life. Your source of inspiration, the one you choose, navigates and directs your Personal Guidance System; it’s the satellite guiding your life. Do you know who or what your source of inspiration is? Like downloading new software, your PGS is programmable. Values, beliefs, emotions, cultural concepts, family traditions, feelings, religious precepts, lived experiences, dreams, addiction, trauma, expectations, desires, reactions to trauma, and obligations are just a few of the possible programs running on your PGS. Once you know what programs are running - and running your life, you choose what to keep and what to delete by what you choose to spend your energy and time with.

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24 hours

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