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Unveiling the Power of Authenticity: Surprising Truths about Truth Telling

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

For most of my adult life I didn’t know how to be authentic. I didn’t understand that pretending everything was okay, when in fact it was not, was a form of dishonesty.

Disowning parts of myself, shutting down my voice and capitulating to the opinions of others caused immense suffering in myself and almost cost me my life.

But then, in a world where filters and facades are only getting stronger, at forty eight I made a choice to embrace authenticity and let my light shine. In a journey towards self-discovery I chose to break free and figure out how to be me 100% of the time.

Through this process I learned who was willing to continue walking with me and who was not. For those people still in my life an even deeper connection to love has evolved.


Unveiling the Power of Authenticity
Unveiling the Power of Authenticity


Nothing is a greater impediment to being on good terms with others than being ill at ease with yourself.”

As I've continue my journey through life I’ve uncovered some surprising things that make embracing and living authentically worth it for me, maybe they will help you too!

In a world where curated personas often overshadow the authentic soul, and AI seems to be encroaching on all our livelihoods, the authentic human being shines as a guiding light.

Your best defense is to explore and embrace the profound strength of truth telling and authenticity within your own soul because you are irreplaceable!

An Invitation

As you embark on your own authenticity journey I invite you to choose one of the above observations, and use it as a journal prompt. Free write for 2 minutes your own experience with that particular concept. Then, from your own words, make a commitment to live more honestly and authentically. Let us see who you really are!

Remember - as we transform our own lives we inspire others to embark on their own path to a more authentic and love-connected existence.

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Aug 15, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I received your post and an email on this same tot’ topic from my stoic site at the same time. Awesome message. I’m forwarding the other to you s as well - it goes hand in hand with yours. I love you so much. ❤️❤️

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