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Feeling insignificant today?

Living from your why is freedom to act from your heart's deepest desires, to

know your significance and accomplish your goals.

It's the opposite of feeling trapped. It's the opposite of feeling like you don't matter. It's the ability to say no when something or someone doesn’t work for you.

Do you relate to this? The wounds that tell you you're insignificant scream louder than the love available for you.

Question? Do you know you are significant? even irreplaceable? If you knew that, what would you be fighting for?

There are two questions, when acted upon, help minimize feeling insignificant.

First, What acts of self love do you have planned today?

For me, riding through a countryside listening to my favorites songs and watching for cows, sheep, goats, llama's, horses or chickens is one thing I do to love me. Memories from my past and dreams waiting to be manifest intermingle and dance in my mind. My body relaxes and everything in my world just feels wonderful.

Second, What acts of service do you have planned for others today? For my son, he loves to help his brother and sister-in-law care for their new born baby. Helping them take a break so that they can spend time alone "makes his heart happy." Doing this act of service distracts him from negative thought patterns.

Please remember: You can't love yourself too much. Love is energy that flows through you, heals you and lights you up. Go ahead, try and overdose on self love. Also, it's often easy to to act in kindness for others when it's really ourselves that need love.

CALL TO ACTION: Take time today to love yourself or share an act of service.

How can I help you understand how significant you are?

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