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We Are Born Alone, Together

You’ve heard the saying, “we come into this world alone and we’ll go out the same way”. And except for those lucky enough to be twins, triplets or heaven forbid for your poor mother’s sake, quadruplets, this statement has validity in its words. However, this quote bypasses a very simple fundamental truth, that someone wanted you here long before you even knew of the world you are now “alone” in. It can be hard to believe at times, when all we feel is isolation, that someone has a desire to be with us. Not everyone has the ability to see and talk to dear ones and family that were meant to soothe our loneliness. But understand that whether or not they were/are able to effectively show you their love, they have it within them.

6 different people standing together in the sun
We All Come Home Eventually

The fact that you reading this speaks to the truth, you were wanted, not because of what you accomplished or because you had something to offer. They chose to give what they could in order to ensure that you would have a future. Their thinking didn’t need to be reverent, maybe it was hope that you would show a love they had never experienced before, or the idea that a kid would finally be a good show and tell for overbearing relatives. The reasonings range from sweet to psychotic and more often than not… it’s just a lucky break. You were the answer that others didn’t know they needed, and were fortunate enough to receive.

We are social creatures, and as small as you might see yourself, you have a message to share. That message may not be unique or even what someone else needs, but you reaching out is important for your own growth. We are born alone, together... and sharing who you are with others may cause a chain reaction that will ripple far beyond what you can see with your eyes. Equally if not more important, you seeking out these opportunities for connections and relationships will lead to growth within, showing parts of who you are perhaps undiscovered even by yourself.

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