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"Unlocking Joy: The Transformative Journey of 'Going to Bermuda' for Authentic Living"

Hello, Living Blueprint Friend!

Welcome to our February 2024 Newsletter! Since launching the book "Living Blueprint - A True Story. Five Principles to Creating an Authentic Joy-filled Life," here's what's new and setting the stage for an amazing year ahead.


"GOING TO BERMUDA" is one of the fastest, simplest, and most effective ways to shift a hyper-vigilant scattered mind into a peaceful calm state of rest.

Approximately seven years into my healing journey, a compassionate registered nurse named Cheryl invited me to "Go to Bermuda" three times a day. Recognizing the stress I was under, she likened this practice to a yoga posture emphasizing its potential to help me into a peaceful state of mind whenever needed.

The pose involved lying on the ground with my feet up the wall at a seventy-degree angle, maintaining this position for twenty minutes each time. You read that correctly thrice daily, even with four young children. Having engaged in meaningful conversations with me, Cheryl understood that my body and mind were entrenched in a perpetual fight-or-flight mode. My sympathetic nervous system was constantly alert, and she sought to guide me toward activating my parasympathetic nervous system. This shift was crucial for my recovery, allowing my body to rest and heal.

Legs up the wall @ 70*

Cheryl suggested that I incorporate soft meditation music into the process but cautioned against reading or talking during these sessions. If smartphones had been prevalent then, I'm confident she would have advised stowing it away.

The benefits of this practice were nearly immediate—within the first few days of diligently "Going to Bermuda" three times daily, a sense of peace enveloped my entire being. Cheryl taught me that the inversion would be restorative and relaxing, effectively regulating my blood pressure and enhancing the circulation of hormones throughout my body.

Join us for a complimentary (free) webinar on Monday, February 5, 2024, at 10 am MST, as we delve into the incredible practice of "Going to Bermuda."

Wendy Beth is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Time: Feb 5, 2024, 10:00 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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This isn't just about physical well-being."Unlocking Joy: The Transformative Journey of 'Going to Bermuda' for Authentic Living" is more than a catchy title; it's an exploration of a practice that has brought equanimity to hearts, minds, and day-to-day lives.

Imagine finding a simple yet profoundly effective tool that becomes a beacon of motivation, breaking down stigmas surrounding mental wellness and serving as a powerful tool in suicide prevention. It really is that powerful!

In this webinar, we'll explore the What, Why, When, and How of "Going to Bermuda." From the science behind the practice to personal anecdotes, we'll dive deep into the metaphorical journey that transcends physical postures. Wendy Beth, our guide and enthusiast, will share her backstory and the incredible impact this practice had on her life.

This isn't just about a yoga pose; it's about embracing vulnerability, engaging in self-discovery, and uncovering the layers of resilience within you. "Going to Bermuda" is an invitation to break free from the constraints that bind you and embrace the authenticity of your true story. I hope you'll join us!


Launching the book, "Living Blueprint - A True Story. Five Principles to Creating an Authentic Joy-filled Life was a huge success. For those of you who are like me and like to geek out on statistics, here are a few that we are so excited about!

Listed below, please find the highest Best Selling Ranking that "Living Blueprint - A True Story" achieved in the USA and Canada as a HNR=Hot New Release:


US (17 Best Selling Categories 6 ranking #1)

#1 HNR LGBTQ + Parenting and Families (Kindle)

#1 HNR Depression (Kindle)

#1 HNR Depression (Books)

#3 HNR Mental Health (Kindle)

#4 HNR Parenting and Relationships (Kindle)

#4 HNR Counseling and Psychology (Kindle)

#14 HNR Health, Fitness and Dieting (Kindle)

#30 HNR Mental Health (Books)

#79 HNR Health, Fitness and Dieting (Books)

#1 HNR Psychological Pathologies (Kindle)

#1 LGBTQ + Parenting and Families (Kindle)

#1 Depression (Kindle)

#9 Psychological Pathology (Kindle)

#11 Depression (Books)

#16 Mental Health (Kindle)

#29 Parenting and Relationships (Kindle)

#46 Counseling and Psychologies (Kindle)

Living Blueprint #1 New Release in LGBTQ & Families
Feb 1, 2024 #1 New Release

Canada (14 Best Selling Categories 1 ranking #1):

#1 HNR Depression (eBook)

#2 HNR Depression (Books)

#4 HNR Happiness (eBook)

#4 HNR Aging (eBook)

#9 HNR Mental Health (eBook)

#12 HNR Personal Health (eBook)

#15 HNR Aging (Books)

#31 HNR Health, Fitness and Dieting (eBook)

#2 Depression (eBook)

#24 Aging (eBook)

#37 Depression (Books)

#44 Happiness (eBook)

#75 Personal Health (eBook)

#76 Mental Health (eBook)

Thank you from the deepest part of my soul and a huge shout out to Bridget and Hannah at and and Rebecca and her publishing team at for showing up so prepared, purposeful, and celebratory in helping to share the message of Living Blueprint into the world. You are fantastic team players!

If you have any inclination to write a book whether or not you want to share it with the world I encourage you to step onto that path with Bridget and Hannah! If sharing it with the world is part of your story then I highly recommend Rebecca and her team! Any questions please don't hesitate to reach out and just ask!

Are you curious about what "Going to Bermuda" truly means? When should you embark on this journey? Why would you want to go to Bermuda, and how do you go about it? Join us for, "Unlocking Joy: The Transformative Journey of 'Going to Bermuda' for Authentic Living"on February 5th, and let's continue this journey together, discovering the potential for joy-filled living. Until then...


Wendy Beth

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