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Did you feel the Spirit of Christmas?

Hello, my friend,


I don't know about you, but this year was like no other. It took a bit of work to feel the spirit of Christmas. Have you felt this holiday season was a little different this year? If so, I hope your heart has been filled with the peaceful spirit of Christmas. Maybe these thoughts will remind you of something from this year or maybe even in years past.

For months, I made beautiful plans for gifts, food that everyone loved, and activities for our family at our new off-grid cabin in the Wasatch Mountains. However, some of our family could not join us, and an unstable solar system and our Polaris cat tracks being in the shop meant we didn’t have enough electricity or adequate transportation for everyone into the cabin. Most of the  “things” I had planned were too difficult to transport on a snowmobile. 


We rented an Airbnb next to Trolley Square in Salt Lake City at the last minute. We filled the fridge with foods that required minimal pots and pans for cooking. And we decorated a small 3-foot Christmas tree. 

petite plume pajamas for the whole family
Everyone singing Old Macdonald with Sol.

Yet, in all this change and all this pairing down and making do, I was reminded so many times over the past 10 days that the spirit of Christmas isn’t about things…it isn’t about material presents or gifts… it isn’t about all the beautiful food I could prepare in my beautiful dishes. And, although I missed our family members who could not join us, it certainly isn’t about getting exactly what we want either. 

So many simple moments filled my heart with the spirit of Christmas this year. Being with my grandson and seeing his delight, all of us laughing, playing, and wearing our matching jammies, supporting our youngest child with their chosen family perform at an LGBTQIA + event, enjoying the Forgotten Carols with my son, basking in the Luminaria at Thanksgiving Point with our daughter-in-law, playing at Liberty Park all together in the sunshine, finding a bookstore and Salt Lake Roasting Company Coffee shop with our son-in-law, celebrating Jesus’s birthday and being back at our cozy cabin with Spencer, my love.


Once again, I was reminded that Christmas is about being with people who love us and whom we cherish. It’s about looking into each other’s eyes, spending precious moments together, seeing past the differences that could separate us, and choosing to connect to the love that connects us all. 


For me, Christmas is about breathing, smelling, tasting, touching, experiencing, and feeling in the deepest part of our souls the love that is possible. In my life, the source of that love is my Savior and friend, Jesus Christ. I am so thankful that He never abandons me, no matter what challenges and obstacles come into my life. 


As I have done every year since my children were little, singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and choosing a gift that I will give Him in the coming year is my favorite Christmas tradition and makes me so happy. I can do that anywhere!! 

off grid cabin wasatch mountains utah huntsville spirit of Christmas
Spencer and Wendy Beth cozy in our cabin

 I feel so grateful for all the memories I have gathered in my heart from this Christmas season to begin the new year. This holiday was beyond the trimmings; the spirit of Christmas was where love knew no bounds and meaningful moments filled my heart with joy. In a world of change and adaptation, I felt the season's magic in the small everyday moments. My heart is overflowing. 


From my heart, I wish you a wonderful continued holiday season and a Happy New Year. 


Wendy Beth

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