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The Hero

The dictionary defines perseverance as continuously doing something despite difficulty or delay in pursuit of achieving success. And while that is an eloquent way of compiling all our hard-won accomplishments into neat, tidy little folders, the reality of our actions is more appropriately summed in four letters: F.U.C.K. Fuck this is tough, fuck I wanna go home, fuck this is gonna hurt tomorrow, fuck I missed my shot. We’ve all experienced moments when our will could almost materialize what we want before us, almost being the keyword. But after the brief moment of insanity where our imaginations run wild, clarity and level heads take control again, and we are left with the options of turning back or pushing forward. The important distinction in these moments is not the direction you choose but the intentions behind your movement.

Sometimes, banging your head against the wall, no matter how hard or how sturdy your skull is, will not result in the outcome you desire. Using the tools at your disposal does not make you weaker or less capable. Recognizing and utilizing personal strengths or abilities is in your best interest, which is why we are all different. Actualizing this mindset will allow us to show grace for our past missteps and shortcomings and allow growth to be present in our lives. So when we come up against the next great obstacle, instead of fear running through us, we will smile, say FUCK yeah, and start the climb.

Like Sisyphus, condemned by the gods to eternally push a boulder up the hill only to have it roll right back down, we have been “burdened” with purpose. The difference between myth

Two people running in park
We Can Do This

and reality is that while our protagonist in the fable is a victim of someone else’s whims, we are driven by ourselves. Humans have an inward desire to grow; this is apparent in youth when our desire morphs from crawling to walking to finally running. It comes as no surprise that in adulthood, those feelings and wants for growth do not fade. Whether your goal is one of a financial or perhaps physical nature, the blessing of life is the quiet voice that whispers into your mind, taunting you to take the first step toward your goal.

That voice is you, unbridled by obligations and doubt, the you that soars high above the clouds in your dreams to lands found only in one's imagination. Ignoring and burying it deep within may silence the voice, but the cost will be silencing yourself. Be the hero you long to be; this will not entail you doing impossible tasks like Superman, just the decision to ignore the next “fuck, this is scary” and choose to move through the fear into possibilities. You can do it.

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