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Simple Pleasures

In a world full of wonders and modern conveniences, it’s easy to fill our time and attention within the walls of our homes and even perhaps the palms of our hands, thanks to cell phones. The distraction of today’s latest trends and news from all corners of the globe causes us to perceive the world from others' perspectives and their circumstances rather than the reality of what transpires around and within ourselves. But does this access to information and consuming it truly empower our being? Is there more to learn from reviewing documentaries regarding the ecological teeming of newly discovered organisms in faraway lands rather than simply walking out the front door and experiencing the world surrounding us? Can the vibrance of floral creatures broadcasted through millions of pixels on a screen enrich and compete with the feeling of wind running through one’s hair, rustling through your surroundings, sending the land and shadows shivering through their motion?

Mountain Green and Fog
Nothing Unique, Yet Very Special

Many times we overlook the seemingly basic blessings of the world around us, that gives us fresh air to fill our lungs, and beautiful landscapes to admire and captivate our mind. Simple pleasures may not be worthy of social media or cause us overnight fame and influence, but they will bring you the calm and serenity that some would scrape, save and risk life and limb to experience. Some of the fondest memories in my life come from a simple walk I did every day to the local quarry. The sun playing peek-a-boo with daisies, or a curious butterfly gently swirling around me almost kissing my extremities causing laughter and awe. These moments in time do not define my life nor did they keep me awake wondering about their meaning at the time, what they gave me were moments of reprieve. Recognize the little moments in life that bring us away from our troubles even for a moment and allow us to feel fresh and anew to bring back contentment and peace. By acknowledging small moments you invite an abundance of similar instances to present themselves in your life.

Tibetan monks and Buddhists spend upwards of five hours a day meditating, sitting or standing while simply utilizing inner reflection and thought. And while this practice seems un-engaging to some and a waste of time, the truth found in modern science speaks to the contrary. It was discovered that many who practice this way of life possess heightened brain activity and neural networks, and the brain matter possessed by these individuals is highly developed. The ideology that we must expend massive amounts of time, energy and money to achieve enlightenment and a amazing life is alluring for sure, filled with flashy lights beautiful people or places, who wouldn’t be bewitched. But I challenge you today to put aside the goals and expectations placed upon you for tomorrow, and for a moment relax into the now. In doing so free your mind and allow yourself to find joy in the simple pleasures surrounding you, who knows… you may love it.

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