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Saying Farewell

How do you bid farewell to the things that have brought you comfort throughout life? And, what rituals are performed to separate the attachment you feel to them? How long does the grieving process continue to ensure closure and solace are again found somewhere else? When we say goodbye to the things, experiences, or even people around us, we say goodbye to a piece of ourselves that has supported us in one way or another. These supports are not always pleasant views; many show us ugly truths that will carry us to better things.

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These mirrors we attach to and carry inevitably become permanent pieces of our being. In the same manner that removing red wine from a white shirt is nearly impossible, discarding bonds within us will never be a simple task. They were formed due to a desire for connection and understanding towards something outside of us, creating a proverbial heart elsewhere. Severing that connection will surely cause hurt and require a period of time of healing pains.

Everyone has their own grieving process. Some move through pain with dance, others through meditation. Whatever your process is, acceptance will be paramount to your healing. Rushing yourself while saying that you don’t care and are fine will only delay and deepen the heartache. The ho'oponopono prayer is a wonderful exercise to practice gratitude and express a fuller range of emotions. It is very adaptable, depending on what is calling you. Remember to embrace what you feel you need when saying farewell.

“I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you.”

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