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"Overcome the Bully Living in Your Mind"

As a child I encountered my fair share of jerks, kids and peers that seized every opportunity available to them to make my life less. Less vibrant, joyful, and bright than it was meant to be. And for a time it worked… their words and beliefs about me defined the quality of my day, what I wore and even what I took interest in. So many times I saw people laughing about subjects deemed by "friends" I followed as lame and stupid and wondered if perhaps I would enjoy being dorky and weird. What did it matter so long as I could feel that happy, and smile about preposterous hobbies until my cheeks hurt from over use. After my brief moment of clarity, the feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt crept back atop my shoulders, taking the reins to my mind. These were not only my formative years, but also a creation process for the greatest challenger to my happiness.

Eventually the drag of following someone else’s ideas for my life was too heavy, too restrictive. I had to be free, free to explore the avenues that interested me. Right on cue the first obstacle to achieving what I wanted appeared… myself. Like so many of us the process of boosting my confidence and believing that I was capable of bigger and better things began with a lot of missteps and failure. It broke my heart to not be perfect, to look around me and see others succeeding in college when I couldn’t seem to keep up or watch through lenses as friends visited exotic places while I struggled to make ends meet. And yet despite continually failing, the act of “trying” was exhilarating, terrifying beyond belief sure, but undoubtedly what I wanted. No one learns to walk without a few bumps and scrapes along the way, in this same way our lives are a continual attempt to climb higher and go farther than we have ever gone before.

man celebrating reaching top of mountain
You Did It

Your life is yours… to do with as you wish, no amount of pain and heartbreak will ever negate this truth. And when the end comes and we find out the meaning of life, it will be up to you and your actions to withstand the test of time. Will we listen to that booming inner voice that tells us to stay down, safe in the shadows?  Who says the sum of our lives should amount to our fear of being flawed? As John Legend heroically sang:

Love your curves and all your edges

All your perfect imperfections

Give your all to me

I'll give my all to you

You are a work of art! Every event of your life a masterful touch of the brush, creating such beauty was bound to make a mess. Don't be dissuaded when your efforts fail, and decide you are no good. That fearful voice was meant to motivate you forward to overcome the bully living in your mind and prove it wrong.

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