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Lifes Funny, in a Certain Light

Updated: Jun 17

So often in life, the dreams and hopes of our efforts are not actualized in the real world, and almost hilariously, the outcomes we do receive are downright contradictory to what we intended. Attempts at saving for a much-needed vacation suddenly turn into a payment for unexpected medical bills, and reaching out to loved ones estranged by time, distance, and memories results in dredging up new pain and fresh arguments to further separate you from them. It’s not all bad, though; we have frozen yogurt.

Honestly, this world seems designed to beat us down and bring us low. But maybe we can look at these predicaments another way; perhaps we can see that we are becoming sturdier, wiser, and more able to support the ones that will come after us with every fall. I truly wonder. Unfortunately, I haven’t found the answer to absolute happiness yet, and it doesn’t seem that I will anytime soon. We are all going through the human experience, and boy, oh boy, does it give us plenty of opportunity to grow.

We live in the most abundant age before, i.e., food, medicine, and safety. That is not to say that these things are readily available to all, only that there is access to them unlike ever on this planet. And with the advancement of all these wonderful scientific avenues, an unfortunate side effect has arisen, the suppression of our “Souls.” As much as I like to believe in my  writing skill, some orations cannot be surpassed:

4 people enjoying sunset
Love is Found in Quiet Moments

We have developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in

Machinery that gives us abundance has left us in want

Our knowledge has made us cynincal

Our cleverness, hard and unkind

We think too much, and feel too little

More than machinery, we need humanity

More that cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness

~ Charlie Chaplin

This speech goes on to encourage free thinking and rising against the rules of law and men that would dissuade such notions. In that same light may we all embrace the idea that happiness is not a product of our environment, what we have or who we may influence. Happiness is born from a desire to grow, to take action towards your dreams and run with the tears and pain.

We all love something, and nothing in this world worth having comes easy.  Life is funny just depends on how you look at it, and if you find just one reason to smile today, I promise it will lead others to do the same… Our happiness is our own responsibility and no matter what we see or hear from others, joy originates from within.

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