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Exciting New Book Release: Living Blueprint - Inspiration For Positive Living Unveiled!

Dear Friend,

Are you ready for a transformative journey that will help you live purposefully and move through life differently from anything you've ever experienced?

I promise you, that is what your Living Blueprint can do for you! And for today the publisher is offering it for only $1.99.

Drawings of leaves and words This is for you
Living Blueprint is for YOU

Living from your Blueprint builds resilience and diminishes shame while at the same time transforms anxiety, confusion, and suicidal thoughts into joyful living!

Wellness tools in your "healing tool kit" shut the door on crisis living and open life to forward traction toward positive living and creating what you most deeply desire!

Living Blueprint: A True Story. Five Principles to Creating an Authentic Joy-Filled Life releases today!

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Digital and Book Cover

One reader said,

Living Blueprint is the most open, raw, and honest book I have ever read! Wendy Beth has verbalized the effects of living in a fallen and broken world with an honesty and frankness uncommon in our culture today! She has cleared a path, illuminating a way out of the darkness of guilt and shame.  Developing a new daily rhythm of healing and growth in conjunction with love and community.  She walks you through the maze of unhealthy thinking, finding value and worth in the tools developed. It will take some hard work, digging deep, and letting go.  Forever changing the trajectory of your life.  Rebuilding your foundation on love and truth will bring the joy you seek. I enthusiastically recommend the journey! Thank you, Wendy Beth; your story resonates with so many!” ~ Pam Howard


Living Blueprint is Inspiration for positive Living:

A question for the viewer
What is a Living Blueprint

👣 A safe, shared, and inspired journey that you, the reader, and I, the writer, go on together as you create your own Living Blueprint.

⚡️ A kaleidoscope of themes, navigating you through the landscape of personal growth, motivating joyful living while embracing vulnerability and overcoming obstacles. The narrative tackles themes as diverse as suicide prevention, mental wellness, and breaking stigmas.

🌱 A transformative journey full of inspiration and a 40-day journey towards purposeful living. It provides guidance through mindfulness practices and equips readers with wellness tools to embark on their authentic living adventure.

🔍 A navigational and tracking tool unlocking your Personal Guidance System, exploring the concept of marginal gains, where small shifts lead to significant transformations in biochemistry, love and choice, and well-being.

It's so exciting this new book release: Living Blueprint can bring inspiration for positive living into your life! So get your copy and I'll see you inside Living Blueprint!


Wendy Beth

For today only, January 25, 2024

Living Blueprint is on sale for $1.99

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