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Would you like a path of self-discovery and love this Valentine's Day? I have a Gift for you!

Updated: Feb 9

Hello, Living Blueprint Friend!

As I wrote this, I was thinking about you! Your struggles, your pain, and what I could possibly do to help, especially if I don't even know you, yet.

And then I thought, I can help you remember WHO you are and what you love, and remind you that doing those simple things that bring joy into your life will help give traction toward what you most deeply desire!

I can give you a tool if you have forgotten these things: a path to uncovering the incredible moment-to-moment love and joy available for you, but that may be buried in the stress of everyday living.

And I can give you a free webinar where I will share a fun and simple yet powerful activity that will help you understand, appreciate, and connect more deeply to the people you love the most on Valentine's Day and every other day of the year! So let's go!

Have you noticed that learning and healing are synonymous… both can be fun!

Enjoying little wins every day by doing things that bring us joy fuels the hope to carry on when life gets hard.

Humans Close and Connecting

In a world inundated with messages dictating who we should be and what we should aspire to, finding inspiration and authenticity can feel like navigating through a maze of never-ending expectations and labels. But what if we could see this inspiration inside ourselves and in our relationships?

Valentine’s Day has become a significant cultural celebration of romance in many parts of the world, and it’s just around the corner. Whether you have a romantic interest or not, I invite you, amidst the noise, to join me on a path of self-discovery and love this Valentine's Day toward embracing your true self.

Connecting with yourself, loving WHO you are and celebrating your life takes time. Being curious, self-discovery and deep introspection takes courage, are not selfish, and require practicing what we learn about ourselves as we become more aware.

Activity 6 in Living Blueprint – A True Story. Five Principles to Creating an Authentic Joy-Filled Life is all about protection from labels, expectations, and philosophies that don’t fit WHO you are, WHO you were born to become, and what your magnificent, unique purpose is. It’s a journey that not everyone takes, which is why we can stay lost.

Create a “Circle of Interest”

Draw a big circle.  Inside the circle,  write activities you like doing, foods you like eating, places you fancy visiting, and hobbies you enjoy pursuing.  What creates a satisfied, excited, or contented feeling for you? That’s different for everyone, right?


"Activity 6: Create "Circle of Interest"

Staying true to what we want, what makes us happy, and what brings us peace involves vulnerability and resilience as we navigate the complexities of our minds and emotions.


Empathy and compassion are at the heart of this journey for ourselves and others as we learn to truly honor and make choices based on our true selves instead of popular opinion and the latest trends.


Would you like to know how to use a “circle of interest” to deepen your relationships, create talking points when getting to know someone, forge friendships, and understand the people you care about better? I have a Valentine’s Day gift to you:


You are Invited: 


Topic: Happy Valentine’s Day ~ Create "Circles of Interests" to Inspire Connection

Time: Feb 12, 2024, 03:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)


Join Zoom Meeting



Discovering WHO you are, your true self is not just about introspection; it's also about taking action and creating positive change in your life with yourself and others. It's about finding and following your unique Blueprint with conviction and courage and allowing others to do the same.


Yes, along the way, you'll encounter challenges and setbacks, but it's through these experiences that we grow and evolve. Letting go of self-destructive choices, including addiction, abuse, and suicidality, and breaking stigmas surrounding mental health are essential aspects of this journey.


Gorgeous Sunset Over Canyon

By fostering open and honest conversations, we can create a more inclusive and supportive sense of self, relationship, and community where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.


Understanding yourself and embracing your authentic journey is about living with purpose and joy. It's about making making simple choices everyday that bring glimpses of success into your life.It's about loving your true self, discovering your unique gifts, and sharing that person with the world.

Courageously, discover and do the simple things that genuinely make you happy. Take the first step towards authenticity. Choose to connect with others, honoring their authenticity, and let your journey unfold with love, compassion, and freedom each moment this Valentine's Day and every day after!


Wendy Beth



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