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Play is Essential for Happiness

Updated: Jun 17

As we grow and “mature” most of us cast aside our childish pursuits and tendencies in favor of a more reserved and stoic demeanor. There are any number of reasons for this drastic change, mine personally was depression. A belief within that said I was no good, and that to show any side of myself would result in others seeing me for the damaged goods I believed I was. Regardless of what reasons led you to put down your toys for “maturity”, the results for many were the same, a loss of joy and identity. Followed by years of rediscovering who this new person you aim to become even is. So while there is great value in having many of the faculties related with responsibility and poise, the internal benefits that come from childlike play are essential for happiness and should not be omitted.

@two boys playing
Enjoying the Struggle is Possible

Think of the activities that you love to do, the ones that cause you to lose track of time and make two hours feels akin to ten minutes. If you can’t think of any it’s all right, it might be time you revisit your photo albums though. We all have the capacity for pure euphoria, and the events that we find it in don’t need to be illustrious. Bliss can be found equally in the person that climbs to the top of the waterfall to see the view below, as much as it is found in the punk-rocker that jumps in rhythm to their favorite band at a concert. Each person in this world of nearly eight billion people is unique and has countless differences, the awe inspiring aspect of life is that all of us seek out the same thing… Happiness… or chocolate, which is basically the same thing.

You have experienced more heart-break and victories than I’m sure you recall, and while those memories are buried underneath yesterday’s to-do list they whisper into your mind to support your choice direction in life. We all get to decide what our time and effort will be put towards, what we will do to replenish our energy from the drain and wear of work and everyday living. Your joy may come from living in a mentality of youth, to cast off your penny-loafers and wade into the river, allowing your toes to sink into the sand while your slacks get a little wet. So remember that reminscing about what was does not make you sappy, looking towards the past may provide you with insight, and guide you into a joy filled future.

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