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Transform your ideas and dreams into actions. Choose a life where every day, week, and month is a deliberate step toward your goals.

It’s not just about scheduling; it’s about sculpting your future.

Creating a plan, tracking progress, and being accountable to your Living Blueprint are invaluable tools for actualizing the life you desire.

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By monitoring your progress according to your perfectly unique Blueprint, you gain insight into your daily choices, performance, and commitment level, allowing for better-informed decision-making every day, every week, and every month etc.

Tracking fosters discipline, motivating you to stay on course and make necessary adjustments.

Accountability, on the other hand, creates a culture of responsibility with you and your success team.


First, discover and design your clear and concise Living Blueprint from the 40 activates in Living Blueprint – A True Story. Five Principles to Creating and Authentic Life.
Next, spend at least one hour each week planning and writing down what you want to have happen in your life for the next week and month. List adjustments to be made, commitments to be kept, and goals to work towards in the weekly allotted time.
Lastly, utilizing your Living Blueprint and the notes from your one-hour + planning session, create a daily, weekly, and monthly tracker for your personal life, and your work life, choosing which tracker works for you.


Explore our resources for a concise yet comprehensive understanding of the Living Blueprint principles and applications. These materials are designed to enrich your grasp of how to integrate the blueprint into daily life, aiding in personal growth and goal attainment.

The resources serve as a practical guide to navigating the book's concepts and applying them effectively, ensuring a transformative experience that aligns with your personal journey toward authenticity and peace.
Utilize your Living Blueprint, embrace your planning session, wield the tracker, and watch your days unfold into a mosaic of achievements.

Your dreams deserve more than a wish—they deserve a plan. Let every moment count, and start crafting the masterpiece of your life by Living from your perfect and unique Blueprint.
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