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 -Wendy Beth 

Overcome obstacles

with your very own

living blueprint 

Your life is a dance
Between Your decisions
and your destiny

Making Choices From Your Living Blueprint
You are limitless

"...I've tried everything I can think of, nothing I do seems to help. I'm overwhelmed and the anxiety is killing me...


Life is a constant challenge for all of us. Unfulfilled expectations, immense responsibilities, confusion in our beliefs, domestic or societal violence, financial struggles, mental or physical illness, natural calamities, and the choices we make, both by ourselves and those around us, devoid of love, all wreak havoc in our personal lives and societies. It can become overwhelming for many of us.


However, deep within each of us resides a unique Living Blueprint, a compass of sorts. When tapped into and utilized, it can help us navigate between the things we cannot change and everything else that lies within our control. Once actualized, this Blueprint serves as an antidote to suffering, able to intercept destructive thoughts, foster personal safety, heal trauma, minimize distractions, redirect our decisions, and unlock our untapped potential, despite the odds.


Are you struggling to find peace? Do you or someone you know find it difficult to move forward after experiencing traumatic events or facing life's obstacles? Have you personally witnessed or supported someone through a crisis or a suicidal episode? Are bad days outnumbering the good ones for you or someone close to you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please know that you are not alone, and your loved one isn't either.

Embrace your Power to Act

1. Just breathe:

- Take a moment to pause and focus on your breath.

- Remind yourself that it's enough to just breathe, even when life feels overwhelming.

- Prioritize your safety and well-being.


2. Utilize your agency:

- Recognize that you have the power to make conscious decisions about your life.

- Choose to live your life and create the future you desire.


3. Avoid self-harm and suicidal thoughts:

- Understand that self-harm and suicidality hinder your ability to find solutions and thrive.

- Take these options off the table and seek healthier coping mechanisms.


4. Stay focused on the present moment:

- Practice mindfulness and be present in the here and now.

- Cultivate gratitude to shift your perspective and appreciate the positive experiences you've had.


5. Ensure your basic needs are met:

- Prioritize your physical, emotional, and mental safety.

- Make sure you have enough food, shelter, and other essential resources.


6. Seek support:

- Recognize the importance of human connection.

- Let go of the belief that it's safer to keep everything inside.

- Ask for help and create a success team of individuals who are safe, kind, and supportive.

when you know your truth

then choose from it every time

the war within stops



“My favorite part of the Living Blueprint journey has been discovering new tools that I can use for self care and achieving my absolute "BEST".  The “ 3 Words”  have been very powerful.  It's only been a week since I discovered them but in one week I am making connections from my thoughts and feelings and decisions to my three words.  It's incredible.  I have a new weapon to use against my demons.”

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